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19 Kids and Counting

You guys I got really nervous today. And I mean more than normal since I usually function at a high rate of anxiety coupled with a bundle of nerves. Mix that with caffeine and boy am I a ball of fun. Anyways, back to me, today I got really nervous since I'm on day 24 but only on outfit 19. I got nervous that you all would tire of me before I was able to finish and so on and so on. My husband consoled me with a trip to the nearest Pei Wei and a trip to Borders for a magazine, a book and a bundle of journals. I am one cheap thrill after another, aren't I?

All that to say, I probably didn't save the best for last. What if I've used my best outfits at the beginning and now all you have to look forward to are drunken mixes of mismatched tops with bottoms? What will we do when all I have is a navy striped top left to go with a hot pink skirt? These are the questions, my friends, that keep me up at night.

So thanks for sticking it out with me (and not for sticking it to me) and for hopefully staying around until the end. From the bottom of my bloggy heart, I appreciate the support. And yes, I am wearing my hat backwards. And no, I did not know this until right about now.

(In regards to the title, the Duggars are up to kid #19, if you haven't been watching your TLC. And if you haven't been watching, you've not missed much. Just a new show called " What Not to Wear When You Don't Know You're Pregnant With 18 Other Kids at Home, I Make Cakes.")