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Don't hold it against me, I forgot to hold up a number five with my hand. I know, I know -- you thought that I was really in to this 30 for 30, didn't you? It's only to outfit 5 and I'm already giving up.

I wore this outfit today. And yesterday. So technically this is outfit 5 and 6. But just because I like you guys, I'll count it as one. I also slept in it last night, so that's 3. And I went to the gym in it. I'm never taking this outfit off -- I'll just pile more clothes on top of it.

This morning, my friend Amy and I went to an Austin fashion brunch put on by Plain Ivey Jane. It was a blast and I made a few new friends. It was so nice to meet everyone! (That means you Indiana, Grechen, Bianca and Sydney -- who just happens to be a 30 for 30 remixer.)

Everyone meet my new shoes. Shoes, this is everyone.

They have traveled many miles from an Urban Outfitters warehouse to be with us and will be my 30th item in my remix. (Just so we are clear I bought these babies prior to the challenge.) They were a little nervous since it's their first outfit ever, but I told them they will be a pros by the time we are done with the remix challenge. Speaking of the remix, how's everyone's first week going? I'll be grading all of you on Sunday. Extra credit will only be granted if you mail me a cupcake from the finest bakery in your town. Sugar is the only bribe I take.