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there is nothing cool about the number 14

I feel like I should be singing "the touch, the feel of cotton" in this outfit while dancing around in my huge closet and throwing my beautiful dresses everywhere. Just kidding, my closet's tiny and last time I did this my husband locked me in there for an hour. I've since learned my lesson.
So today was the first day that I wanted to shop. I don't know if its the weather, or just the way this week has gone, but today I just wanted to shop. I didn't. I'm just being honest. Also, my husband ate a whole pizza last night, all by himself. Just trying to keep things honest here.

Normally I love a good summer rain, but ever since I got these suede shoes the rain has become my enemy. I loathe the rain. In the game of rock, water, suede, water kills suede every time. (Suede actually loses to the rock too, so I have been avoiding rock climbing as well)

Alright, friends. The time has come to vote for the Outtake of The Week.

Outtake 1: She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

Outtake 2: The Best Pose Ever
Make the right choice.

*I forgot to label my purse! To those of you who asked, it's from Gap circa 2007. Originally priced at $225 and I got it for $40. It has a stain on one side so they discounted it 50%, then there was a sale on the sale items AND I had a coupon. It was basically the best deal I've ever run into. Now that is a steal of a deal, right?