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7 minutes in heaven

That's right I named this post after a junior high kissing game that I was never invited to play because of my extensive orthodontia and probable bad breath. But it's cool, I'm friends with all of those guys on facebook now and it turned out for the best. None of them are photographers.

You guys will not believe this but I was dressed just like a man at my work today. He refused to let me take a picture of him, but had he known that I would have splashed it up on the internet for all of the world to see, I guarantee he would have let me. He of course was wearing pants to my skirt, but he was definitely rocking the denim on khaki although I have sneaky feeling that he's been rocking that look since 1994. His necklace, however, looked new.

I sometimes wonder what my co-workers think about all of my costumes. I rarely get compliments at work, most people just remark that I must be a "heavy shopper." Granted, I've heard worse insults in my life, but I like to think that I"m pretty light-footed when I shop. It's also not a necessity to dress well at my office. As long as my clothes cover my body parts well and isn't a safety hazard, I'm in the clear. This outfit passed both of those tests so I'm giving myself a raise. I'm also giving myself the "best dressed employee on the second floor" award.

Good news on the big red tumor, it's just a lego. It's plastic so I can still get through airport security.