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Baker's Dozen

I talked to my dad today. He asked if I was going to post on my "twelve fingers". (I didn't tell have the heart to tell him this was my 13th outfit.) I told him no, jokes over, I'm leaving the finger counting to the elementary kids and the photoshop tricks to graphic designers. He then proceeded to tell me about a friend of his named Bob -- who had twelve fingers. You know what they called Bob in school? Twelve Finger Bob. Clever, right? I would have gone for Baker's Dozen Bob, but I guess he would have needed an extra finger rounding him out to 13.

Bob wouldn't have liked me.

So extra appendages aside, thank you all for your comments yesterday. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has to take a few breath's before walking out the door in the morning. (And not just because I'm unathletic and a heavy breather.)

My sister called me today and told me she liked my "cow skirt" instead of my leopard print skirt. How cute is that?

Bob also called. He said to tell you guys hi and to give you a high six.