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half way there

WARNING: The photos that you are about to see show some skin. I'm wearing a tankini that doesn't cover my tramp stamp area. You've been warned.

I've never been a fan of swim suits. Well okay when I was like 10 and the only parts of my body that I was aware of were my hands and the words "Fat" or "Cellulite" had no room in my vocabulary. But since then trying to fit an unconventional body into a very conventional swim suit has been -- trying. A few years ago I settled on tankini's -- mostly just because I like when two old words combine to form a new word (I use sporks and guesstimate whenever possible.) But now in my old age of 25, I feel it necessary to cover my parts when in public and water recreation is involved. So for me and my body, tankini's it is. Well until we took these pictures and I realized that tankini's don't cover my back side like they cover my front side. I had no idea I was showing the world that much of my lower back. I also fear that my body is longer in the back than in the front, which worries me on some level and explains so many other things.

So this is the other side of my life. My husband works at a retreat center and for the past two years this is where we have lived every weekend. I'm a style blogger by week, and a boy scout by weekend. And as you can see, I'm an avid canoe-er. I'm also really good at laying in an inner tube and floating down a river for hours at a time. My list of summer recreational talents just go on and on.

Now who wants me to show them how to make a double bowline knot?