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fantastic four

Do you think that the "don't wear a white shirt when it's raining" rule applies to pants? If so, I defied all fashion-related weather laws today and wore my white pants in the rain. But don't worry, my underwear was black so you couldn't see it...wait, that's not right is it? So that's why my co-workers kept calling me Blackberry Bottoms...I thought it was because my phone was in my back pocket. Which is weird because I have an iPhone.

When I bought these jeans, I asked B (my better half) if the boot-cut leg looked weird on me. He then asked if I could only wear boots with these pants? Why weren't they called bell-bottoms? What were bell-bottoms? And all sorts of other ridiculous questions that made me realize one thing: I need a girlfriend shopping partner. Now taking applications. Must be funny, quick on your feet and able to shop at various shopping centers for long periods of time. Also must be able to lift 50 lbs. (my legs get tired and I usually need a piggy back ride.)

Top is courtesy of Shop Mamie, Clutch is courtesy of Jenny N Designs, Earrings courtesy of my mom. All sponsors of this blog.