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Number One

30 for 30 Challenge: Outfit #1
How was everyone's weekend? Ours was fantastic. One of the best 4th of July's that I can remember. Definitely beats out the 4th of July that my parents decided to help me over my fear of fireworks. Their plan was to load me up with sparklers -- you know, baby explosions that you can hold. In the end, I got scared of the two sparklers that I was holding and ran into a garage full of gasoline with people chasing behind me sceaming "No Kendi, No!!" To which I thought they were screaming at me because they didn't want me to hate the sparklers but really they just didn't want the neighborhood to blow up.

This year we just watched the fireworks from the back of my dad's truck in a field while my mother and I sang ridiculous patriotic songs, my dad laughed and my husband took pretty pictures.

This is my first outfit for the remix. I'm so excited for everyone to be joining in on the remixing! It's surprised me a bit at how many participants have signed up. I had no idea that so many people would take on the challenge. I always knew you all were brave to be sticking around this blog.

How excited am I about all of the remixers that have joined in? This excited:

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Even husband's excited:
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PS -- tonight is the last night that I'll be adding blogs to the link list, so let me know. If you don't have a blog but want to join in on the fun, join our Flickr group. And if you just want to be a spectator, there is room for you here as well. I don't judge here on Kendi Everyday, I just entertain.