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It has taken great restrain for me not to label this post as "Sekendly". (Secondly, number two, get it?) Solely because my husband has told me to stop making words out of my name. He let me keep "weekendi" but I've had to give up "recommendi", "kendependant", "kendanger", the "kendocrine system" and "perkendicular." I was sad to see the last one go.

I just realized that I look really sad in that last picture. No worries though, no ice cream cartons were harmed and no bad day haikus were written during the making of these photos. The real reason I look sad is because I haven't had time to photograph my 30 items yet. I'm waiting on a few items to get to me (don't judge, you know you last minute shopped as well). But rest assured my dearest remixers and readers, I'll post them tomorrow night or else.
(Or else? That's right "or else." I like to threaten my own life, just to spice things up sometimes.)

Or perhaps I'm pissed because those shoes I'm wearing are cutting deep holes into the sides of my feet and I must wear them for the next 30 days. What was I saying earlier about cheap shoes? That I can take it, is that what I was saying? Forget it, I'm a liar. I'm going to look into those sneakers with lifts in them when this thing is over.

Remixers -- how's it going? We're only on outfit two, so it better be going well or the next 28 outfits are going to be rough.