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My Super Sweet Sixteen

I wanted to name this post Pretty in Pink, but I figured that I better take the opportunity to use the number 16 since not all numbers have something culturally relatable to them (I'm talking to you numbers, 14, 17 and 28.)

This year marks my ten year Sweet Sixteen anniversary. (I will mourn the loss of my youth a little closer to my birthday in October.) I had the best sweet sixteen party -- P. Diddy was there, I got two Range Rovers, MTV filmed it. You know, just a regular girl turning one year older at a regular party with cake, cash money and door prizes.

Just kidding. I think I went to a football game with friends for my 16th birthday. And then I took a nap and went to the DMV with my mom to get my license. And by my mom, I mean P.Diddy.

My girl Jentine of My Edit made a very important public service announcement on her blog this weekend and I feel like I need to do the same. We stumbled upon this flyer in our neighborhood:


You guys, Satan's poodle is lost and we need to find it. It escaped from the dark side and is wondering the streets hungry, looking for souls. The picture of the dog is great, I'll know that dog when I see it but the description however needs a little help. It just says "Dog White Poodle." Now come on -- this isn't just any dog white poodle, this is a dog white poodle with diamond eyes. I mean just look at those beauties.

We've got to find this dog white poodle and fast.

(Silver Rose Cocktail Ring courtesy of Morado)