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Remix Round-Up 11-15

Halfway done!! I have to say, as the second time I've taken this challenge it's much easier this round. One problem though -- since I'm not shopping for clothes, my brain is now focusing on other things I can buy like books, dvd's and housewares. I haven't bought anything yet, but I have many shopping carts full all over the internet. This problem may be bigger than us all.

Remixer Round-Up Must Reads:

Melissa takes the cake on this week's remix by turning her skirt inside out.

Hey Kristen -- I'm kind of in love with that shirt too.

The pattern mixing of this outfit is so good, I might have to copy it.

Tania shows us how to faux-thropologie from an Old Navy skirt.

Gee may have figured out the secret of getting through the challenge alive.

Major props to Anthro Bakery's co-workers for encouraging her on this challenge with daily reviews of her outfits.

Go read NOW-- The New Focus.