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17 Again


I've been a bit obsessed with these cloth headbands I've been wearing. (Again, the no shopping thing is really taking a toll on my brain.) They probably aren't even cool, but I just keep wearing them. Take that, society and trends.

I shouldn't have been so hard on the number 17. It was the very lucky recipient of a Zac Efron movie. Not every number is as lucky as 17, you know.

I felt very Parisian in my outfit. Of course the closest I've ever been to Paris, is driving through Paris, Texas. Same name, but maybe not exactly the same thing. So what do I know? This outfit could be the furthest thing from what people in Paris (France or Texas) wear. But I did use a french accent all day, just to further my case. I looked all around our town for a chocolate crossiant and a bistro but no luck. Just a chocolate donut and a Subway. Fair enough.

Have you found this dog yet? My whole neighborhood is counting on you.